Men and Women Emotions and The Battle


I have read online and base on our today society it is not acceptable for men to show their feelings. It is consider feminine or weakness to show emotions. That mentality causes men to believe they have to always be tough without emotions and suffer in silence. Personal, I believe this is completely wrong, and it’s a shame these men listen to society that would turn them to some sort of non human heartless robotic without feelings.

I appreciate when a man chooses to be human with feelings. I am sure they are many other women who would appreciate that as well. I strongly believe God created us to be human, bear one another’s burdens (“Bear one another’s burden” can be found in Bible. You can Google it) regardless if you are man or woman which is called empathy. I believe we all have empathy in us, some of us choose not to it, and bury it inside. To appear manly, some men choose to put a facade when they are going through hard times. I am sorry, but falling to depression, and loosing your mind is not manly at all, express your feelings, talking to people who care about you or whatever you have to do to get pass what you are going through is manly. Sometimes we have to put our egos aside to taking care of what is important the most, which is our health, and our family because if we lose focus of those things, we lose focus of everything.

Please don’t misinterpret my argument on this topic. I am not suggesting that men should walk around crying 24/7 as a child. This wouldn’t be a good behavior for men or women. My argument is that not only women who have feelings or who get hurt, men get hurt to; therefore, their feelings shouldn’t be neglected as if feeling shouldn’t be existed for them.

I have seen men who suffer from major depression just like women, and mental health is not just for women, but for men. I believe if men where to express their feelings in a healthy manner, less men would have falling into depression.  What we have to understand is women feel emotions and effect by them greatly so is men. Therefore, men’s feelings shouldn’t be different because they are human just like women.

I believe we can change our society’s mind frame on how they view certain things, men and their emotions/feelings are one of them. The best thing men can do to change the way society views their feelings;

  • When you are hurt, don’t hide it,  if express your feelings will cause you to feel better
  • Don’t be too concern about what other people are thinking or have to say about how you handle your feelings. Remember, you have your own life to live; you are the only one who knows how you feel and what you are going through.
  • Don’t live your life to other people’s expectations. These people who are criticizing you are not your family, and they do not have your best interest at heart. If they did, they wouldn’t requiring you to suppressing your feelings inside without dealing with them in a proper manner
  • The more you vent, and express your feelings, the better. You will be able to heal faster and move on with your life in a healthy way.

Share your opinion with me. What do you think, is it okay or not okay for men to express their feelings/emotions? Why or why not?

Happy Blogging

Marie L. Marcellus