Okay, I started this blog about two weeks now.  I honestly spending a lot of time trying to make this site look professional, but I feel I haven’t get far. It doesn’t look my ideal website yet, and my problem is I don’t like to get help. I have the “do it myself” mentality.  I like to figure things out, and normally I do. It might take time.

Nonetheless, I am proud of myself for doing this. The entire time I have been saying, I have to have a blog, but I was afraid I wouldn’t been able to do it myself. I thought I would have to hire a professional to do the job. I was thinking about the amount of money he would have ask to do it so the thought of having a blog was lessen my mind less and less until two weeks ago I decided to try it. I said, if it doesn’t work out at least I tried. I surprise my self greatly; although, the blog is a working progress, and I am far from finish, but I will get there eventually.

As I am writing this, it reminds me of courage. How many times we keep on telling ourselves we cannot do something without trying. Day in day out we are too afraid to try. Sometimes without trying we can never know what we are capable of doing.

What I would like to leave you with is this, if there is something you have always wanted to do, whatever it is today is the day to start. Get up, take a leap of faith. You may be surprise.

Go on; take that leap of faith because I did.

Happy Blogging!

Marie L. M.


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