She Will Never Forget How You Made Her Feel!

Fashion language, the clients will forget what you said, what you did; they will never forget how you made them feel. Working in a fashion boutique, some people will do anything to make the sale especially when they have quota that need to be met which includes selling clients outfits that don’t make sense, and telling them they look amazing. They believe it because they trust their judgment; after all, they are the expert here. That will certainly help in meeting the sale goal for the day, but how would that affect them in the long run is a different story.

The most important thing to remember about fashion is that some clients don’t know better when it come to what is look good to wear and what is not. The clients go shopping, they counting on our expertise to help them making the right decision and looking their best. Some of the times, whatever we tell them, they will be believe; after all we are the expert. The point is no one should sell the clients something they wouldn’t wear themselves because when the clients step out looking bad; the words will get around to where they shop and who help them. In turn, that will reflect back on us. Sometimes money is not always the answer. Take for example planting a plant, take the time to take good care of it by watering it, and pruning it, eventually it will bear fruit in due time in abundant, and sometime the better you take care of it, the more ongoing fruit you will get. Well, it is no different for the clients, the more we take care of them, the honest we are with them instead of using them to make money for here and now, the better relationship you built, the more ongoing business you will get from them because they will always come back. Great honest relationship will result in loyalty.

The point is selling clients things in other to meet goals is a wrong approach to built long term relationship because eventually the clients will realize they mean nothing to us, and we are using them to meet your needs. As a result, they will eventual leave and look for true fashion experts that can help them to look good and appreciate their business at the same time. Being honest and value our customers is a win-win situation. We have everything to gain and nothing to lose. The manipulative way is lose-lose situation to both parties while the sellers may feel they are winning, but in reality they will lose long term potential customers.
Have you have any experiences you will like to share? Share your thought with us.

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