Think, Fear, and Action


Thinkers are always thinking, sometimes to certain extents which you may think that are irrelevant. Thinking is a great thing. It gives us the ability to be creative, to come up with ideas, making decisions, and resolve problems. Thinkers are able to take time to look back and see where they are, where they have come and where they are going. This is important because it give us the opportunity to do some evaluations and balance things out and make changes if need be. Doing evaluation and making changes is the only way we can actually grow in life no matter where we may find our selves in life.

We all think, but thinkers think in a deeper or shall we say extremity; however, thinking by itself cannot help us unless we take action to make changes. Make changes is not easy because we as human being do not like changes, and one of the reasons for that we feel comfortable and are afraid of the unknown. We all have it in use, and this is normal but in spite of being afraid we should be able to get somewhere without letting our fear consume us. We all facing fears everyday in our lives one way or another; starting a new job, going away to school, and going to a country for the first time. We are afraid of lost; such as losing our wealth, a great job, friends, health, husband, wife, children, prestige, social class or whatever it may be, we all have to face it.

While being afraid is normal; however, sometimes we have to take chances in life as afraid we may be or find ways to deal with our fears because this is the only way changes can take place. Can you imagine if many inventors had let fear take over their lives? They would have never put their thoughts out there and accomplished some of the great inventions.

You have been in that bad relationship for years. You thought about leaving many times, but you are afraid. You find many excuses why you should stay, but you are unhappy about many things. Until you take a stand about that relationship, you will always be in it, and you will always be unhappy. You have been thinking and talking about going back to school for years, but until you decides to take action to actually do it, it will never get done.

Some people use different techniques to get over their fears, but knowing what motivates you can be a great motivator to do things you wouldn’t normally do. For example, when I gain a few pounds I may not feel like working out, but each time I get in the shower I don’t like the way I look with the extra pounds, I may not like the way my clothes looks  on due to the extra weight. All these issues are causing me to be uncountable about how I look. Feeling good about me is my motivator which would cause me to work out and lose the weight.

Thinking without action is pointless, and action without thinking is dead end because you will not get far. Fear of taking action is senseless because you would not have purpose in life. Everything in life there is a balance. Imagine this; I love Paris, and I would love to go there. I think and talk about going to Paris all the time, but I am afraid of flying. If I don’t find ways to get over my fear of flying to get to Paris, I can think, talk about Paris, even dream about it, but I will never make it to Paris. It is that way for everything in life. It may not be your fear of flying, but whatever fears that hinder you from getting somewhere, find a way to overcome them.

Happy Blogging

Marie L. Marcellus


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