So You Will Do Anything To Get Him!

So you will do anything in your power to get a guy or to get him to like you. Of cross that includes changing you to be him so that he can see you two are comparable (pretty much living his life); such as doing things you know he will like, going places you know he will want to go another to impress him. Wow, this is serious. You will do whatever to get that guy, as if he is the center of your life, and the very reason for your existence. Oh really? Stop there for a second and think. Le’s say you get him at the end, but when you look back to see what you had to do to get him. How would you feel, will he worth that effort? Better yet, where is your self worth, your self value? In that case, I would say you have none. I guarantee you your low self worth will still be there even after you get him because you should love yourself regardless if a guy loves you or not. I am sorry, but no guy on earth deserves that much of my effort. Please gentlemen do not take this the wrong way, but any girl with these types of behavior you should be afraid of and stay away from.

Honestly, as a girl even if guy were to do that for me I wouldn’t want to be with him because that is an indication that he doesn’t loves himself, and he has no self worth. Don’t get me wrong, any girl would want a guy to make an effort for her because that would prove that you love her and want to be with her, but going to the extreme to change yourself, who you are, and the person God intended for you to be just to get me is a little creepy. The only way I would put some effort for a guy only if the feeling is mutual. The guy wants to be with me as much as I want to be with him then this is a different story. Even then I am not going to the extreme because if that guy really wants to be with me then he will make it happen.

The truth is to do anything to get a guy is not healthy and I personally think it’s dangerous. I believe only God deserves that kind of effort. Our desires should be to be like Him by wanting to live a new life that pleasing to Him, and by beholding Him we become change. To do anything to get a guy is life threatening;  to you, to the guy, and even a third party that may be involved (not a perfect example, but Jodi Arias case can easily be apply here) because if you don’t get that guy who knows what you might do; you might end up kill yourself or kill the guy. If the guy were to be with someone else, you might easily try to hurt or kill the other person so you can have him to yourself. Wow, is being with a guy worth sacrificing your life, his life and someone else life and well being? I will let you answer that question for yourself.

Anyone with these behaviors I would encourage to see a counselor because they are not normal (hint, for some girls the guy is not really what they are after). Some people get offended when you say to see a counselor. Seeing a counselor is not a bad thing. Actually, someone would have to be awfully smart to know when she needs one, and seeks one.

Remember to be yourself, when you are yourself the guy likes you better and respects you. Don’t try to be someone else or copy his sisters and doing what they do because I doubted he will like that or his sisters. That would only cause problem. Please leave me a comment.

Happy Blogging,

Marie L. Marcellus


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