How Do You Know You Are In L.O.V.E?

What is the meaning of L.O.V.E? Better yet, what does L.O.V.E means to you? According to the dictionary, L.O.V.E is “An intense feeling of deep affection (for your country). It is a deep romantic feeling or sexual attachment to someone, (synonyms: fondness, darling, passion and adoration).” I think the dictionary did a great job summing up love.  However, to me love is all that and more. Love is selfless, self sacrifice, love bring out the best and worse in you, love causes you to get out of your shell to do things you normally wouldn’t do, love accept, love is patience, love understands, love believes, love stands against the odd, love challenge, love obey, love support, love motivates, love endures, love provokes, love breaks, love molds, love suffers, love bring out the strength you never thought you had.

Falling in loving is a wonderful experience and it causing you to experience many feelings and emotions all at once. Love brings out your true self you wouldn’t want anyone to see. When you are in love you become vulnerable, and pain is part of the process. Love make you happy, sad, cry and laugh. Normally, some people can tell when someone is in love because there seem to be something different or some signs I guest that indicates you are in love.

These experiences perhaps differ from individual to individual; however, those who have fallen in love get the ideal. When you truly love someone you stop fighting your feelings. You accept it, take it for what it is, and enjoy it. You become careless to people’s view point of the person whom you are in love because whatever they are saying becomes irrelevant to you as long both of you are happy. When you truly love someone you become protective of that person. You cannot stand it for anyone to say something wrong about the person or treat that person wrongfully. It causes you so much pain to see that person in pain or unhappy. You want to defend and stand by that person no matter what. In your eyes that person is perfect and beautiful and even if that person is not perfect, your love for him overlooks his imperfection.

When you truly love someone you cannot be selfish, you actually become selfless. You want the best for that person in every way; including success, happiness, and you do your best to please that person because you like to see him/her happy.

Many times I heard some women are saying “If the person has money, they would learn to love him.” To learn to love a person for his money and wealth is not love.  Personally, I would not be with someone if I don’t love him regardless of his status, wealth, fame etc because I wouldn’t be able to be with him fully and connect with him in a deep level. He can has the money today and gone tomorrow. What’s going to happen then? If love was the center of the relationship then you will work together to rebuilt the wealth, if love wasn’t the center of that relationship then when everything is gone you will bell out to find another guy with more money and wealth, that definitely wasn’t love. Love will be what holds you together when everything is gone.

I believe a woman should be able to buy herself whatever she wants, and spoil herself before a man does. I think it would be almost impossible to experience true love hunting for guys with wealth. I also believe once you experience true love you would only want to be with someone you truly love because it is such a wonderful experience. I am sorry, but the experience of falling in love and truly love someone is more than money can buy or wealth. This is true loved. When you are in love you will know. Thrust me.







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