Keeping Up With Modern Technology Is Important


Today, technology keeps us up on your toes, to me anyway. I haven’t been posting anything for quite sometimes and one of the reasons for that is between Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn it can be fairly tiring, and time consuming. Some people are doing beautifully with them all at the same time. My question is how do they maintain all of them at the same time plus if they have to work full time. They must know something I don’t know.

A few days ago I was talking to that lady about My Own Fashion Closet LLC or she said Marie you have to sign up on Tumblr. I said yes I should, but then I was thinking I am still trying to keep up with Facebook, Twitter. However, it is very important to be innovative and to stay up-to-date with technology because our society demands it.

Earlier I was curious to find out the number of Small Business actually using social media. The numbers blew my mind. According to Ari Herzog, Principal of Digital AH in Social Media Today, 90 percent of small business use social media to promote business in the United States alone. 42 percent of owner state that 25 percent of new customers discover them online. That shows how important social media is. It’s also a great way to networking, market your business and meet new people.

I know few businesses that were doing very well before technologies were common. In our modern society those businesses refrain from staying up-to-date with technologies, and now they are doing poorly. I am sure their may be other factors contribute to that such as being innovative-current with trends etc, but technology has a lot to do with them doing poorly. At the same time, I believe using these social media is all good and exciting, but being able to use them effective is equally important. For example, I don’t think it would make since to use four to six social media and not able to keep up with them all would be silly.


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