Being Competitive, Is It A Good Thing?

Being competitive, is it a good thing or a bad thing? Some maybe more competitive than others, but is it possible perhaps we all have some competitiveness in us without knowing?

I went for a long walk instead of running since I was a little sore from running the day before. As I was walking a lady had just came out of her car and she was walking in front of me.  As I stated before I didn’t want to run.  I just wanted to walk, but somehow the lady probably thought she was going to pass me by and leave me behind where she wouldn’t have to see me again. Unfortunately, that wasn’t working too well for her because no matter how hard she tried she wasn’t getting that far ahead.

She got frustrated, and she made it obvious she wanted to leave me behind. She realized after all, she was getting no where so she started running. I let her run. Beside, I wasn’t in the mood to run anyway, but I was still taking my normal steps. It didn’t cross my mind to where she could have been at this point because I figure by now she was way ahead of me. I guest because of the slopes and the trees we couldn’t see for sure how far a part we were from each other. As I stated, I kept at my normal walking steps. I was thinking even if there was a slight chance to catch up with her, she is way gone by now. I came to a plateau when I notice someone was walking, but then started running. This is when I realized it was her. She must have turned her head and saw me coming, and she started running again.

I did not planning to run, but she made it so obvious; therefore, I couldn’t resisted her. She was a great distance from me, but that didn’t stop me from running. She ran off, but because of the ups and downs, and the trees we could not see each other in plain view. Finally, she probably started to feel comfortable again thinking she left me somewhere far away tired. To her surprise, I was right there behind her. She had parked her car further away from mine so I reach my car before her. While she was still walking, I stretched for three to fives minutes. I got to my car; I passed her and waited the next packing area where she could see me. I act like I was stretching again. She wanted to compete with me, and I gave it to her. She looks defeated and she could barely look at me.

In competition I learn one thing, how you finish is what matter not how you started. In life, you never judge a book by its cover until you read it because you just never now what you might uncover. This is a life lesson.

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