What Does Your Fashion Statement Say About You?

Fashion is a universal language we all can claim it to be ours, one way or another. Everyone’s fashion statement can differ drastically depending on the individual’s taste, and its okay as long one f103eels confident with her statement. The key here is to be confident about what you wear regardless how stupid it may look to someone else. Find the styles you like and make them your own, after all this is what fashion is all about.

However, I believe everyone’s body type and figure are different; therefore it would be advisable to wear something that would compliment what you have instead of working against it. Personally, I believe I can pull off almost anything. Ideally, I like to look my best regardless what I am wearing. For example, sometimes when I am getting dress and my mother thought I looked nice, but for me I am not satisfied so I changed. Later, I found that outfit I wanted to wear, “I said voila” then my mother said you look much better. I said mom you are right, thank you. Similarly, I know what looks good and what doesn’t so whenever I go shopping no matter how hard someone tries to sell me something if I don’t see myself in it I am not buying.

You might say that girl is daring, and if you say that I would agree. Pretty much my entire life I couldn’t go anywhere without asking if I were a model. Actually, I could remember someone ran after me to asked if I were a model, and my answer always have been no, I am not a model. Not until few years ago I read in the newspaper about one of the modeling agencies that were coming in one of the hotel in my area, and I decided to give it a tried, so I did. I couldn’t believe I waited in that long line with so many people waiting to get scouted for modeling; men, women, teenagers, young adult, women with children etc. For me it was more of a curiosity. Finally, it was my turn. They asked me few questions, and they asked that I posed so I did. They handed me a paper to call the next or two days later. I called, and they said you have been selected. I screamed the top of my lungs because I was excited. I went and got my picture portfolio done, they sent me several job invitations, but I never follow through. You might say that girl is crazy, not exactly. It was bad timing and I was working on other things.

Now, you learned something new about me. Talking about fashion, we all may have one dress we love the most or a pair of shoes we love the most. Why, because whenever we wear that dress or that pair of shoes we sent that statement saying I am here to talk business. For many of you who may have seen my pictures you might say that girl must really love those shoes because she wears them for several of her pictures. By the way, I do love those shoes. I love the height, the style, and they are more comfortable than the majority of the shoes I have.

So, what is fashion exactly? Fashion is about you, no one else. Love what you wear, make it your own, and own it.


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