Oh, How I Love Children!

I met a little boy who was drinking Gatorade three days ago while at the car wash with his father. I expressed how thirsty I was and I asked him if he wouldn’t mind sharing his drink with me because I was quite thirsty. I wanted to see his reaction. The little boy made his way to the refrigerator where they sells the drinks to buy me a Gatorade. That boy was the smartest and cutest kid I have ever seen, and him wanted to pay for the drink was more that I could take. By the way, he was serious about buying me the drink. The five years old blew me away by his kind, and sweet gesture. I asked him if he was working and how would you pay for the drink? He shook his head, and told me he had money, and his father witnessed the whole thing.

I expressed how much I appreciate that, but I told him I wasn’t thirsty anymore. The five years old and his father then went outside. They were sitting on a bench as they were waiting for their car to get wash. My car was done, and I was making my way outside to leave, but then I went back to where they were sitting to give him my business card to give to his mother. He saw me coming, as I was approaching he move closer to his father to make place next to him for me, and made hand gesture for me to sit next to him. He was the cutest. That little boy changed my whole day for the better. I was a little upset earlier that day about something that had happened. I took that as a sign. God actually used that little boy to let me know everything is going to be okay.

I handed him my business card, and asked if that would be okay to give his mother my business card. He shook his head yes. I handed him the card, and he asked a ton of questions about the business card. I tried to explain it, but his father told him it was a business.

I will never forget that little boy, although I may never get to see him again. I honestly believe God had placed him in my life for that short moment because He knew I needed that. I love children; their hearts are pure, they are so innocent, kind, friendly, and welcoming.

Do you have some great experiences with children? We would love to hear them.ALWAYS A WAY


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