We have So Much To Be Grateful For

This morning I work up and I was thinking if we want to complain we will always find something to complain about; big or small. Such as flat tire, the weather, the people next door, disappointments, something on television etc, but if we want to be grateful we can always find things to be grateful about. Such as the wonderful people God place in our lives, and all the beautiful provisions he provides us with.

Yesterday I took a small trip. The weather was beautiful, but since it was a bit breezy it appeared to be chilly at times. I was thinking to bring a jacket so I went back home to get a jacket. As the day went by, I said today is a beautiful day no matter what. For lunch I had rice needles (my first time to eat that. It was good), tofu, with vegetable and a battle of water. For desert I had smoothie (mango, pineapple, and banana). I am so grateful for what God gives me because everything I have it is a blessing from him and that help me to be humble.

I met two wonderful police officers who were very kind toward me. I apologize, for privacy issues I cannot display the picture of us together. Today, as you go about your day please remember those who sacrifice so much for us to have our freedom. Happy Memorial Day to you and yours!007


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