This Is What Happy People Have In Common


Happy people have one thing in common, they are just happy. For many of us who are happy we do not just let anything take that joy away. In reality, it is (funner-like that) more fun to be happy than to be miserable. Personally, I believe it requires a lot more energy to be miserable than to be happy.

Interestingly, some people I knew use to get upset because they could never understand what I use to be so happy about. Early in the morning I would have a song in my mouth, and I would start singing depending on where I was. Some of you may be able to relate to this, should I find myself in a position that would cause me to be unhappy God always provide me with a special song that would correspond to whatever the citation may be. That normally changes my mood positively. I don’t like to get worry and I do my best not to be worry, instead I make things happen. If for some reasons things are not working out the way I would want them to then I try to do things differently. In general, it wouldn’t make sense to do things the same way and get the same result over and over. Therefore, it is important that I make changes if I am in the position to do so. The point is you have to realize there must be a reason why things are not working out and try to come with solutions.

Overall, I am a happy person. In most cases, this is what helps me to be and stay happy. I change the things that I can, and I try not to worry about the things I cannot change. God has His ways of preparing me for the unknown so when the reality strikes then I am already prepare for it.

I found a lot people have a time that would work best for them as far as being morning or night person. Gracefully, Cheerful and thankfully I am both; morning and night so that always give me the extra boost that I need.

Okay, you should try this and it works like a charm. However, it has to be part of you, and you have to be persistent because if not then people will see right through you. When someone is trying to take your joy away, show her that she can’t by being you; being happier and try to have fun as you do whatever you are doing. That would make her really upset and envy. You have to keep in mind you are not making someone jealous, you are just being you. Talk to people more, show that you are care free and just enjoy life.

At this point two things can happen. She will either continue to be mean because she finds you unbreakable or she will try to be nice because she wants your friendship. What she is doing really is trying to figure out what causing you to be the way you are. Now, it is up to you if you want to let her in or not. If you decided not to let her in then be prepare for her to try even harder to give you a hart time because you have become an obsession to her. She is acting this way because you did not give her the chance of day to manipulate your life.


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