Poems Expressing People’s True Fellings

What is the most relaxing thing to you? For me is going for a long walk at the park, doing yard work, write, and reading a book. Ironically, this morning as I was studying my Bible few lines of a poem came to mind. I was like; ‘aha’ I paused and wrote them down. After I was done with my study I pursued the poem further.

I know you probably thinking, may I read it please? No, sorry you may not. That poem was a little too personal. However, here is a line I just throw together “The heaven overshadowed as I cross my way to happiness.” Did I say I love poems? Yes, I love poems; there is something magical about it. Poems are beautiful and if you look deep enough you can always unveil the hidden message thereon. Although, I haven’t been reading or writing much poems, but I truly believe if I were to pursue that further I would be good at it. I stated there is something magical about poems. In a deeper sense I should have said there is something magical about words because when you think about it, poems come alive because of words.

Poem is something spontaneous. I believe the words can come when you are less expected. People using poems to express their true feelings; such as happiness, sadness, love, hatred ect.

Do you like and write poems, and if so what is your inspiration to write them? Please share your opinions.

Marie L. M.


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