My Business Is Here At Last

It is a good thing to accomplish your heart desire because when you do, you feel good about it no matter the outcome.  I remember telling you awhile back I was working on something big, well the big thing I was talking about is my website. “My Own Fashion Closet LLC”

After all, my website is here. Having my own business “My Own Fashion Closet LLC” is something I wanted for over ten years. It is so refreshing to accomplish that. I am the type of person who always looking for ways to improve, and I like to be the best at what I do regardless if I am working for someone or for myself. I believe this is the best way to be in life. “Do it right the first time so you don’t have to do it again” This is my model in life. Nevertheless, I do have new vision for business, but for starter this is what it is.

It was very hard when I decided to start that business because it was my last semester at school. I had test once a week for one of my class, and my other class I had a project paper almost every two weeks so I was on the edge, but I did it.

I have people who are asking if I am going back to school for a Graduate Degree (MBA), the answer is no. Well, I am not sure at this point. I love to learn new things so I might change my mind anytime, but for now “No” this is where I stand.

Okay, enough about school for now. We are switching gear to business. My business founded in November of 2012, but my website didn’t come to existence until last month March of 2013. As I stated, starting my business was a long process mainly because I was in school, and I had to get caught up with school and I couldn’t spend as much time I wanted in the business. As a result I have to hire a webmaster to do the job.

Please check my website out often. I do have new products coming in soon.


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