Women with Strong Personalities

Below is a post I came across online regarding women with strong personality. I thought it was very interesting, and I will like to get some opinion on that.  It is a little long, but I thought it is worth reading. Please let me know what you think.


Why is it difficult to talk to a woman who has such a strong personality? What makes her so difficult to approach? In order to understand what makes such type of women seemed unreachable, let’s try to enumerate and analyze first the reactions of men when they come face to face with one. Try to identify yourself on these symptoms:

1. You met her, get to know her name, and then you cannot seem to find any words to start off. Why? That’s you. You got intimidated by the gaze, by her look.

2. You try to impress her by telling her of your exploits, accomplishments, dreams, plans. You. You. You.

3. You stare while she talks.

4. You look and stare at her when she’s not looking.

5. When your eyes meet, you don’t know whether to smile or to nod in recognition.

6. You take time before you approach her. You need a reason before you can go near her.

7. You adjusted your crotch unconsciously.

8. Starting a conversation seems to be an awkward task.

Now that you’ve seen or identified yourself on those situations, let me tell you why you made it difficult to approach her.

First and foremost, women with strong personalities are not aware of their effects on men. They usually don’t understand why men seemed to be having a hard time before they can finally ask her out. So, when you just go on and stare at her, and she stares back, it does not mean that she’s fighting back. It may mean that she likes you too or she can be bold and daring. But the problem is, she’s not aware that she’s adding up to the intimidation, right?

So, should she play coy and naive? I don’t think so. Women with strong personality will say what they want to say and usually means it. She may say she likes you but that does not mean she will pursue you. She’s just giving you the green light to go ahead and ask her out. But she will not do it again. She will just wait either for your move or for the next person that comes along. So, don’t dilly dally man!

Women who are successful in their own field usually have strong personalities. These women know what they want so it is quite easier to converse with them. They are usually perceptive, always viewing things in a different angle. That is why you seemed to just stare at her; struck conversations that are intelligent and stimulating. Never ask about the weather. If she finds you boring, rest assure that she will always find something to finish and will almost always excuse herself to leave you. Ask open ended questions. You can always get to know her through her points of view on religious aspects, caring for parents and more.

Because they are difficult to approach, (most probably because they seldom smile), women with strong personalities are nice to stare at when they are not looking at you. I don’t know. It is the same with men. Women find it enjoyable to stare at a man who is not looking at her.

The number one of the major turn offs for any woman are those unconscious grooming behavior of men: adjusting the crotch. That is so disgusting! Man, you can always turn around or excuse yourself and find the nearest bathroom or anywhere away from her to correct anything that is wrong in between those thighs. Never do that in front of any woman. I tell you, they will notice – and hates it.

Why do women with strong personalities still get what they want? The reason is because they are assertive individuals. They say what they feel, and mean what they say. They don’t pass up on a chance for things they believe in. They don’t conform to norms that society dictates, only those that are acceptable to their morals. If you notice, such women have many friends, despite of their personalities – meaning they are quite a friendly bunch. You just have to learn to get to know her first before concluding that you cannot tame a tigress.

Why do they have exciting and intriguing loves? They say what they feel, love you with all of their heart. And if you started cheating around, she will always be willing (though in between tears) to let you go. No, she won’t beg. She won’t ask you to stay. It’s her nature. She will cry for you for a while, get depressed, but will eventually bounce back.

She will turn towards herself – work out, get a tan, be pretty. Somehow, she will feel that she did not take care of herself while she was with you. She gets busy with everything beautiful and exciting again. So that when your paths meet, you will still be dumbstruck and groping for words to say – back to where you started.

Well, that’s how it is. Women with strong personalities (after a break up), reinvent themselves, and unconsciously makes you regret what you did to her, knowing you cannot go back. You may always try to get her back, and she may accept you, but then, that’s another topic…

Urduja, R. (2010, 10 12). Women with strong personalities. Retrieved from http://reynaurduja.hubpages.com/hub/Women-with-Strong-Personalities



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