I am glad I Could Help

Wow, I was at church today, and one of the ladies in the assembly asked me if I was a counselor. No, “I am not a counselor” I told her. I was curious to what prompted her to ask me that question because I do feel like I am a counselor at times. People always come to me with their problems. I have always to my best to come up with the best possible advice. I do that by trying to put myself in their shoes to see what I would do if I were to be in that situation, and if I cannot provide them any advise, I encourage them to seek a professional help. I do not have a license, and of cross I am not getting pay for giving counsels, but may be I should.


I stopped by at an office yesterday, and I ended up talking casually to that young lady regarding a young man I notice she attracted to prior to yesterday. She started open up to me about her personal life, and what she was going through. I sat there listen to what she had to say regarding her current circumstances, I encouraged her, and told her some of the decisions she would have to make to better her situation. She listened to me with open heart. She said, “I have never opened up to anyone like this before. Thank you so much, I feel much better.”

I looked at her in her eyes and she almost cried. She hugged me two times, and thanked me again. I told her if she needed to talk, to call me sometime.

It makes me feel so good to know I can help someone to feel a little better. It is an honor to make a small difference in people’s lives after everything God has done for me.

Marie L. M.


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