What Kind of Partner Are You Seeking in Relationships?

A young lady named Fabienne met that guy whom she thought could be a great partner (in a relationship). As time went by the attractions seem mutual between them. She was happy thinking their attractions would eventually get somewhere, but it never did. She waited, but nothing happened. She was scared to death, but she decided to ask him if he wanted to hang out (several times). He said, “No, I am not interested, and I do not feel the same way.” She was crashed, and she could not understand why he would deny his feelings because she knew for sure he liked her.

She liked him a lot so she was still hanging around, but then most of the time he wouldn’t be nice to her so finally she came to her senses, and moved on. She is happy with her decision, and she realized it was awesome things turned out the way it did because if they went to be married or even in a committed relationship she wouldn’t be happy.

The whole scenario had happened over twos years ago. She is done with everything. Now he is playing the victim and some of these people who knew what was going on are trying to play the guilt trip on her as if she was married to him for years, and she suddenly left him for another guy. The saddest thing is his parents and everyone else felt for it. Everyone is viewing the girl as a monster, and insensitive. They are being cold toward her as if she did anything wrong.

Fabianne is confused. She doesn’t know what is going, what to make of it, and how to respond to the maltreatment because she did not do anything wrong. After all, she and the guy were not married, in a relationship, or even dating for that matter. Bellow is some information I found regarding people who play victimize;

Why do some people play the victim role?

“One of the primary goals of the subconscious mind of a person is to protect his ego and make him feel good about himself. Whenever something threatens the person’s self worth his ego protection mechanisms fire to prevent any damage from happening” (Radwan, 2012).

“Playing the role of a victim is always there to protect the person’s ego when he fails to reach his important goals. Instead of admitting that he failed to do what he wanted to do he plays the role of a victim and claims that external factors were the main reason he didn’t reach his goals” (Radwan, 2012).

Radwan, F. (2012, 12 29). Why do some people play the victim role?. Retrieved from http://www.2knowmyself.com/how_to_deal_with_people_who_play_the_victim

Marie L. M.



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