Jealousy In Its Pure Form

The last time I talked about jealousy in relationships between couples, but today I want to talk about jealousy in general. People don’t talk about these type of things too often; however they do exist. We face these challenges everywhere in our society, and sometime even in our own family.

Being jealous over someone else for whatever reason is not healthy. People can be jealous for any reason, such as looks, talents ect. Being jealous over someone will not change anything, and that will not change how the person is.  When you are jealous over someone else the result always bad instead of good. For whatever you are jealous over, it will not transfer from the person to you, and even if you were to cause the person harm that will not change who the person is because she is just being herself (she will still be smart, beautiful, and talented). Furthermore, being jealous over someone can cause health issues; such as depression because you have to constantly comparing yourself to that person. It is a bad thing to do because everyone is unique in her own way, and everyone has different talent.

The truth is while you are focusing on that person, she is busy taking care of herself, she is improving herself to become better so the time you could have use to  improvement yourself, you are wasting it away to something none productive.

Instead of being jealous over someone else for who she is, what she has, and what she can do well, try to take that time and energy to do something productive for yourself by finding out what you are good at, and focus on those good qualities you have.

I heard someone said once, “Congratulate, don’t hate.” Next time you are tempted to get jealous over someone else, think twice. It is not worth it.

What do you think about this post? Please leave me a comment.

Marie L. M.,


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