Time Will Tell The Outcome

When playing games some people good at it while others are not so good. Personally, I don’t like playing games, and I am not good it because the result always leaves someone getting hurt. Let’s face it for those who play, they play to win. This is the main reason of them playing in the first place.

How many times a guy would meet that wonderful girl he likes, and she would likes him as well, but nothing seemed to come out of their interest. They both are aware of one other’s feeling, but for whatever reason the only interaction they both have ever had is staring at each other without words or occasionally, hi, how are you doing type of thing. That whole scenario has been going on for a long time; perhaps, years. One day she decided that she was tired of that whole none sense “not getting anywhere” by putting her fears aside trying to get close to him” In case you were wondering, not in bed. They are both Christian,” but then he stepped back. His family is very involved in his life so they were aware of what was going on “Well, hardly anything really,” and they like the girl. Finally, she found the strength to move on, she lose interest in him. I want to call him Orange, and she ended up being interested in another guy, which I want to call Apple so now you have Apple which is the second guy, and Orange which is the first guy.  The fact that she moved on especial Apple is in question that stir up drama, and complication.

Now, Orange decided to come around, and trying to take ownership of the girl, which is completely wrong. Well, too bad if his ego is kicking, and his pride gets in the way. My suggestion for Orange would be to get over his ego, and self pride, and back off because the girl was never belong to him in the first place. She gave him countless opportunities if he was that serious to do something, but he never did. She moved on either way; with Apple or by herself. Orange needs to do the same.

My question is do you think Apple will get panic, and back off because of Orange or will he eventually pursue the girl. Well, only time will tell.

Marie L. M.,


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