Sign Up To Be The Greatest

Each and every one of us has an impact on someone in our lives regardless if we realize it or not, which could be family, friends, or a co-worker. What kind of influence are you having, better yet what do you stand for? Do you go against the majority, and be yourself or do you go with the crowd so that you fit in? It takes great courage to stand against the odd because you have to be willing to get mistreated, lose your friends, making fun of, and people who once loved you may straying away for no apparent reason.

The greatest is the one who go against the majority for what is right even if it causing others to be unhappy, the greatest doesn’t look for glory, but give glory, the greatest doesn’t make decision based on  personal feelings or for personal gains, but make decision to benefit others-the majority.

If you were to be in a situation where you had to give up your life so that others could live, would you do it? Because Jesus did, as He was the ultimate sacrifice. Our troop did, and they are doing it now. Occasionally, they are many others who give up their lives for others. These are the greatest. The greatest doesn’t think of her first, but think of her last. Those are the greatest.

Do you have any hero in your life? Because I have a few; I have one or two in my family, I knew one at work, which became my friend, and I have one at church. Let’s call him J for privacy purposes. These are the greatest.

Go be the greatest today. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic.You can start by being a friend to a friendless person; be a voice to someone who does not has a voice or you can be nice to that girl you haven’t been nice to. Oh, which girl? I don’t know, only you would know. There you will be on your way to be the greatest.

Please leave me a comment, I like to hear from you.

Marie L. M.


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