The Key Elements For Successful Competition

The key elements in staying competitive are to create unique product, knowing your clients need, and offer the best service you possibly can. Product and service are somewhat go hand and hand when it comes to staying competitive in the market. Number one thing I cannot tolerate is bad service. My theory is why should I give you my money when your service is suck, while I can go next door and receive an outstanding service for my money?

Depending on the service you provide to your clients they will always come back, and this is how I was so successful at my last job. Believe it or not, repetitive (loyal) customers are the key to your business success because they come back often, and they patronage your business more than new clients especially when your product is unique. I am not saying new clients are not important because these new clients can become repetitive customers by building relationship.

For example, in my previous place I worked the problem I faced during the last year was that some of the staff stated I was trying to outdo them by trying to offer the best service, by trying to have better relationship with my clients. The only thing they did not understand is that once you are good at what you do, you don’t have to outshine anyone because it is part of you. It is like second nature. That was bizarre to suffered persecution for doing a job well done. Normally is the other way around. Don’t get me wrong, I love the company, I loved what I did, but at one point I couldn’t understand the pettiness that was going on.

Once you built that strong relationship with that client, the bond almost become unbroken, she almost becomes like family. Furthermore, unique product is key ingredient to your business. I cannot stretch that enough. Having your client falling in love with your product is extremely important. If your business just started it might take some time to adapt, but once the product takes off it almost unstoppable.

I what to hear your opinion in how to stay competitive.

Marie L. M


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