Being Grateful For What You Have

In one of my previous post I talked about being grateful. Well, I can certainly say I am grateful to many of you who visit my website. Although, I would love it if you leave me a comment, two or three…; however, your presence is much appreciative.

I started this web blog less than a month ago; thus far, it seems to be doing so well. My website wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for you. I am also grateful to WordPress for given me the opportunity to have this website, and also thank you goes to Brian Armstrong for sharing WordPress online. This is how I learned about this website.

I am actually working on something else, which is somewhat big; to me anyway. I will like to eventually share it with you, when the time is right of cross. I cannot state what it is at this point because it is not there yet, and it is a surprise. It might take time to comes to reality because I am not one hundred percent sure what I am doing; however it’s a start.

Do you remember in my previous post I stated “Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way.” Well, where there is a will I will make a way, and with my great determination there is nothing under the sun to stop me. Of cross, except sickness and death; which I am not expecting anytime soon.

Hint; scarves and belts are women’s best friend.

It is a surprise; however, can anyone tell me what I am talking about?

I want to hear from you, let’s stay connected!

Marie L. M.


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