Knowing Your Target Market Is Important

In my marketing class we talked about the importance of knowing your market, and your audience in business dealing, which are extremely important. Knowing the market will help you to make better decisions, use better judgment, and to use better approach regarding your business dealing. Your audience is the focus point of your product.  Once you determine your audience it will be easier to target that group.

The mistake a lot of people make in their business approach is that they assumed everyone will accept their product, which is a wrong approach because not everyone will fall in love with your product. This is why it is important to know your target market, and target that group in that way. If you happen to have a product everyone  loves, then this is great. However, you shouldn’t set your goal with that expectation.

I like to hear your comments,

Marie L. M.


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  1. Patrick, thank you for your comment on my “Knowing Your Target Market” post. I was Inspired to write this post after taking an Electronic Marketing class seeing the simple mistakes some businesses are making I thought it was necessary to write this post. Ps. every time I need to get lost in “Nature” your site is the place I go to. Thank you for posting such beautiful pictures. Love it!

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