Writing is Rewriting

A professor told me once, “Marie writing is rewriting.” I stumbled by his statement especially hearing that from a college professor, but this phrase stays with me because that make perfect sense. I realize writing can be an ongoing task. You can start with a clear vision, but somehow you can make so many changes until you shift away from your main point so it this case it is important to stay focus.

Today I was laughing to know some people have certain words they are struggling with just like I did. For example, I was reading a book when I realized the author made a mistake by using too for to. I was amazed to find the mistake because I wasn’t looking for it. This is how to use to vs. too; I went shopping today, and my sister came to. Now, this is how you use too; after I cooked dinner I ate too much food. Such as; too much food, too tired, this is too casual ect.

For me, the two words I used to struggle with are since and sense, but I recognized they were something I had to work at. I did until I was able to differentiate between since and sense. For example, sense refers to common sense, where as since is used like this. Since I could not get in touch with my sister, I called the police.

What do you think, is writing rewriting?

Share your opinion with me, I want to hear from you.

Marie L. M.



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