The Power Of Forgiveness

The power of forgiveness, every-so-often people says to forgive. How important is forgiveness? I mean it easy to forgive someone who role her eyes at you on the free way, a friend who lets you down at the last minute, or someone who dislike you just because she thinks you think you are all that. But to forgive a drunk driver who took the life of a love one, someone who gone down many innocent blood for no reason, someone who purposely destroy your relationship for personal gain, someone who causes you so much pain, and grief which almost causing you your life. How can you ever find the strength to forgive someone like that?

Well, you can choose to hate her, hold a grudge, and be bitter about it which in the long run could destroy your life or you could find the courage to forgive her. Again, how important is forgiveness? Forgiveness is everything; it is as important as living. You probably saying Marie you are exaggerating here. This is none sense, but it true when you think about it. You live longer when you are happy, which promote good health. However, you cannot have good health if you stay for a long period of time with unforgiving emotions. This is not possible. I went to a health seminar about a month ago where the speaker talked about the effect of different emotions on your organs, which can eventually destroy you.

When you forgive someone you are not only set the person free, but you set yourself free as well. It doesn’t matter what someone has said nor done you need to forgive her. I understand forgiveness is a process which might take time, but forgiveness will set you free. It takes a lot more energy not to forgiven someone than to forgive her.

Next time you want to hold a grudge against someone, think twice. It is not worth it.

I want to hear from you, let me know you enjoy my post.


Marie L. M.



  1. Hi Marie
    It’s Andrea just want to first and for most congratulate you on your Bogg website. I love it very much and appreciate you putting this together. It’s very inspiring, especially on your comments about forgiveness. Keep up the good work you are doing a positive thing and a good job. Thank you, Love and God bless you.

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