I Challlenge You to Read This

At one point I used to be afraid of bright colors, but not anymore. Bright colors are fun if you know how to tune them down. For example, if you are wearing an orange skirt it good to wear a pair of neutral pump that is not bright.  Like beige, or may be brown. Wearing orange skirt, orange shoes, orange bag would be too orange so try to mix it bit, but not with too many colors.

I love to accessorize. Some women use jewelry, I just use belt and scarf. Seriously, no woman should live without scarves and belts. For some reason these two items have the power to change any look. A dress without belt and scarf is blah-too simple. Add the belt, and if need be the scarf the look is changed from simple to classy, fun and fantastic.

When it comes to belt, I have them in different shapes; big, medium, and small. Personally, I like to wear my large belt with a longer outfit,  the small ones can be use for long and short alike so is medium belt. Be the judge, after putting your outfit on try all three sizes, and decide which one you like best.

You can seriously have it all; the make up, and the jewelry, but give me the scarves and belts.

Always remember women’s best friend, belts and scarves.

I like to hear from you,

Marie L. M.




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