Go Make a Difference

What is the meaning of high self esteem? My definition of high self esteem is to feel good about self. Does that means you have to be perfect without any flaws? The answer is no. We all have one or two things we may not like about ourselves, but does not mean we should hate who we are. The differences between a low self esteem and a high self esteem person are as fallow; a high self esteem person knows she is not perfect, but she does not focus on the negatives because she figures she has many great qualities she is cherished about herself.  A low self esteem person on the other hand is focused on the entire negative instead of the positive. She is biting herself up all the time. She feels she doesn’t measure up and never will. Some of these people are normally try to find comfort in food, television, pornography ect.

My reason for this topic is about a young woman who is about eighteen years old before we became good friends, she felt she had anything good to offer the world. She was shy, and a little over weight so everyday after school and during the weekend she would watched television all day until it was time to go to bed. Some of her sublimes actually teased her, and made her felt small. Our friendships developed, and grew to the point she felt comfortable, and trusted me so we hung out, and go places together.

Normally, she would cut pictures from magazines, and pasted at her wall saying things like “Life is good” she admired these people, and wished she could look, and dress like them. We started exercising together, but it was hard for her at the beginning because she wasn’t use to exercise, but I encouraged her by saying you are doing a great job, I am proud of you, and you can do it. I helped her to cut down on junk food little by little. I took her clothes shopping, paid for her prom and making sure she looked nice for her graduation. She could not believe how everything turned out.

Today, she is a new person. She is no longer has low self esteem. She does not need my help in choosing her foods because she is good at that. She is dressing nice, she watching television when she has the time. She is like diva. Each time I look at her is like wow. You go girl.

They are people out there who need help. They are simply too afraid to ask. You and I can change someone’s life by doing the simplest things. Like; listing to her stories, remind her she is beautiful, pay her a visit at the hospital or nursing home, watch her children while she goes grocery shopping, or if you able, send her an anonymously gift card. All these things can change someone’s life.

My dream is to make a difference in someone’s life.  Sometime it doesn’t cost a dime.

As always, let me know your thoughts.

Marie L M.


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