I Returned the Difference

Yesterday, something happened, which was a learning experience for me. On my way from grocery shopping it was necessary to stopped at a near by store where they sell different products including hair care. After stopping to get a deep conditioner realizing there was a two dollars difference. Paying two dollars more for the same product, no way,  I am not buying. The store owner was kind enough to give me the item at the price I normally pay for. I kindly thanked her, and left.  It felt good to get the item at the normal price.

Later on that day something else happened. The previous item that cost two dollars less at the other store was not the same size as the one currently chased. The one which normally cost two dollars less is smaller, and the one which was two dollars more is bigger.

Oh no, I thought; what is the right thing to do here? Keep the item anyway thinking two dollars is not a big deal or return back to the store to pay the difference.

The second option of cross;  she was blown away by my action. It is worth it, and in return I felt good.

As always, let me know what you think.

Marie L. M.


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