The Proper Business Attire

Proper Business Attire, what is the proper business attire?  Some people are still struggling in knowing the proper Attire for a business function which can be job interviews, the business workplace, office meeting or anything relating to the business sphere. You can have all the skills for the job, but without knowing how to dress properly for the job or in the workplace can be a problem. Personally, I think your appearance and the way you present yourself is crucial.

A lady went for a job interview; she dressed completely unappropriated for the occasion. For someone who have a since of fashion; I was thinking, oh no she didn’t just where that to a job interview.  “I wish we knew each other” because I would have never let her left the house the way she did. I would have given her some tips on how to dress for that interview.

Below is a video I came across, on how to  tutorial.

Check it out, and as always I like your insight.


Marie L. M.


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